Linkin Park slipper “The Hunting Party” 13 juni

Linkin Park er klare med studioalbum #6! Det har f?tt navnet The Hunting Party (se bilde for artwork) og slippes 13 juni 2014. F?rste single “Guilty All The Same feat. Rakim” kom tidligere i vinter – en 6 minutters hardtsl?ende og h?ylydt rockel?t, som du kan h?re her:

F? band de siste 15 ?rene kan skilte med st?rre innflytelse og popularitet enn Linkin Park. Siden brakdebuten med “Hybrid Theory” i 2000 har de solgt over 60 millioner album, vunnet 2 grammypriser, og turnert verden over. P? bandets tre siste album har soundet gradvis beveget seg vekk fra nu-metal/rap metal og mot elekronika og indierock, men p? “The Huunting Party” har bandet igjen funnet frem gitarene og laget det de selv beskriver som et album for ? “imponere deres indre ten?ring”:

“There?s so much music out there; there?s so much stuff that sounds like Haim or CHVRCHES or Vampire Weekend that I?m full. The thing I?m hungry for is not that. I turn on the rock station in L.A. and it sounds like Disney commercial music. And I?m confused by that. The dude from Foster the People was literally a jingle writer. No disrespect, but for me to make that stuff was kind of out of the question. I stepped back and said, ?What?s the thing I want to hear that nobody else is making, and what?s the thing that we are uniquely positioned to make?? We threw out our old demos, and I talked to the guys and basically asked them to get in touch with who their 15-year-old self was. Not to make songs for 15-year-olds out there now?there are a lot of people out there who?ll make music because it?ll be popular with teenagers, but that?s not what we?re doing. I told our guitarist Brad, ?If the kid you were at 15 heard what you made today, would he be proud of you? Or would he say, ?That guy?s kind of a pussy.??? Because he was listening to fucking Metallica and heavier at that point. I said, ?Write a song that?ll make that kid play guitar.? So that?s what we ended up doing. We wanted to impress our inner teenager. ” – Mike Shinoda, om inspirasjonen bak retningen p? det nye albumet “The Hunting Party”
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